Visit our superior restaurant Symposium!
From 12-00 to 24-00, we invite you to taste our unforgettable Greek and European cuisine.
At the beginning of history of the restaurant, the guests were entertained by the chef from Italy, a year later, the most significant and important contribution to the Symposium wonderful menu has been made by a great by the chef from Greece Alexandros Protopapas.
Currently, our chef Dmitry has a great experience, he treats our friends with the most delicious and unique dishes in our city.
The deep fried cheese saganaki, juicy beef, grilled with herb butter, tender real poppy strudel - are only excerpts from our menu...
From 12-00 to 16-00 we are waiting for you for a delicious business lunch!
Every business lunch meal is unique. The chef Dmitry worked very hard!
If you want to spend a quiet evening and dine without leaving your cozy room, you can use our room service. Try tasty dishes that can be ordered directly to the room.
Choose your favorite dish in the restaurant Symposium!