The residence regulation

1. Registration of hotel accommodation is carried out upon presentation of user's documents, identifying his personality and duly executed.
In accordance with paragraph 5 of the Rules of registration and withdrawal of Russian citizens from register at the place of stay or residence within the Russian Federation, approved by the RF Government Decree from July 17, 1995 № 713 identity documents of a citizen of the Russian Federation, the necessary for the implementation is the register are:
паспорт гражданина Российской Федерации, удостоверяющий личность гражданина РФ на территории Российской Федерации,
- Passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, a personal identification of the citizen of the Russian Federation,
- Passport of the citizen of the USSR, an identity of a citizen of the Russian Federation to replace it with the prescribed period on passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation,
- Birth certificate - for persons, who have not attained the age of 14,
- Passport, an identification of the citizen of the Russian Federation, outside the Russian Federation,
- For persons permanently residing outside the Russian Federation, with the corresponding stamp in the passport of the statement on the consular register in another state.
The list of documents for registration at the place of stay in the hotels is not exhaustive.
When making a stay at the hotel, a receipt or other document is issued, confirming the conclusion of a service contract. The check in and the check-out is being making around the clock.

2. The consumer can conclude a contract for accommodation booking it the hotel. In case of delay, he will be charged for that, except for the booking fee, as the fee for the room, but no more than one day. If you miss more than a day, the reservation is canceled.

3. The key from the room is a magnetic card, programmed especially for you for the period of stay at the hotel. This card key is required for use of the hotel room. Leaving the room, make sure that you have the key.

4. Check in at the hotel is made on the basis of the "Rules of hotel services in the Russian Federation."

5. Payment for hotel accommodation will be charged according to the uniform checkout time - from 12.00 of the current day, according to the local time. The daily payment rate is set in the hotel.

6. The consumer is entitled to terminate the contract for the provision of services at any time by paying the executor part of the price for the part of a service provided in proportion before the receipt of the notice to terminate the contract and refund the executor expenses incurred by them up to that point in order to perform the contract if they are not included in this part of the price services.
The return of funds in case of early departure from the hotel of the guest is carried out on basis of an application and an identity document, and you must provide the original receipt and issue an invoice. (Ministry of Finance Letter from 30.08.1993g. №104)

7. If there are things in the room, but the accommodation is not paid within 8 hours after checkout time, the administration has the right to make an inventory of things and carry them into the storage chamber.

8. The visiting by the guests are allowed from 06-00 to 23-00, but they must show a passport or other identity document. If a resident insists on a passing the guest to his room, but he does not have an identity document, a resident must fill inn a special form, which is registered and kept by the worker of the protection service.

9. After 23-00, the guests are required to leave the hotel or they can stay by issuing a stay at the reception desk by presenting a passport.

10. All our rooms are for non-smoking customers
The residents need to keep the room clean, not to smoke in the room, there are specially equipped places for smoking, and smoking in the room is equal to the damage of the hotel property and is refundable in accordance to the price list.

11. After 23-00 the residents should mute the sound of TV and not to make noise in the rooms and common areas.

12. In the case of damaging of the property of the hotel, the resident is obliged to reimburse the cost, according to the price list at the reception desk.

13. The customers in the dirty clothes and in a state of strong alcoholic intoxication are not serviced at the hotel.

14. The administration has the right to refuse to provide services to the clients of the Hotel Kirov, who are violating these rules.
These rules are according to the Law of the Russian Federation "Consumer Protection" and regulate relations in the sphere of hotel services. (Resolution № 490 from 25.04.1997 as amended by Resolution of the RF Government from 02.10.1999 №1104, Resolution dated 15.09.2000 №693)